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L&W Vertical Signal Heads
Kirkwood, MO South County, MO
Wickes, MO Eureka, MO
Valley Park, MO

Safetran Model CLS-20R Signal Heads
Kirkwood, MO Pana, Illinois
Pontoon Road & Route 203, IL Pacific, MO
Eureka, MO Sauget, Illinois
Wickes, MO O'Fallon, Illionis
Cahokia, IL

Safetran Model CLS-10 Signal Heads
Springfield, Illinois
These Signals were replaced in 2010.

General Railway Signal Co. Type "D" Signal Heads
Lemay, MO Elgin, Illinois
North Dupo, IL Cahokia, IL
Concord, NC

Union Switch & Signal Co R-2 Signal Heads
Granite City, Illinois Woodriver, Illinois
Terre Haute, Indiana Cherry Grove, Indiana
LimeVille, Kentucky
These Signals were replaced in 2012.

Union Switch & Signal Co N-2 Signal Heads
Undisclosed Location Salem, Illinois