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Haley Tower
Terre Haute, Indiana

Haley Tower was built in 1898, in 1926 General Railway Signal Co installed a Model 2 interlocking machine with 40 levers. In early 1999 CSX took over Conrail’s tracks in the western Indiana area. Work started in September of 1999 as crews started replacing the signals and crossovers. It was apparent that CSX was planning to close the tower. It was slated that at 0700 CSX time, Haley Tower would be cut as part of a signal suspension for a 12 hour curfew to replace the entire interlocking. This happened October 24th instead of the 22nd. January 14th 2000 the Haley Tower Historical & Technical Society, Inc had the tower moved 50 feet to their property. It currently resides there and can been seen every Saturday and Sunday through the months of May and October. The info about the Museum is below:

The address is: 1316 Plum St.
Terre Haute, IN 47804
Museum Phone: 1 (812) 238-9958
Museum Website: http://www.haleytower.org/

I suggest becoming a member and helping preserve the Towers and Museum. I am a proud member of Haley Tower Historical & Technical Society for the Years of: