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AC Tower
Marion, Ohio

AC (Alantic Crossing) Tower was built in 1902 by the NYC RR, C&O RR, and the Erie. The tower was constructed on stilts which was a NYC RR style. It stood 24 feet tall. The model board is neat!! The tower houses a Taylor Model 2 Interlocking machine that has been restored and working! On Jan 18th 1995 CSX closed the tower at 4:08 PM. CSX donated the tower to the Marion Union Station Association (MUSA) as long as they move the tower. On March 3rd 1999 MUSA broke ground on the foundation for the new tower. The tower was to be moved November 26th 1999 at 10am. Due to high rail traffic the tower was not moved until later that day. It took one hour and one minute to move the tower. They used two cranes, one on the north side and the south side. The north side was a bigger crane to remove the tower from the 24 foot high stilts. The south crane was smaller since due to money the tower was going to be set at 13 feet. At a later date the tower can be raised the 11 feet if needed. The north crane set the tower on a flat car and was moved by NS 6076 across the diamonds where the south crane raised the tower to its current location. It took a estimated $40,000 to move the tower. Info about MUSA:

the address is: 532 West Center St.
Marion, Ohio 43302
Phone: 1 (740) 383-3768

Standing at the station looking east towards the tower.

Looking south towards the station.

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